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Would You Rather?

One of the favorite games for my kids to play with me is “Would You Rather?”, where you come up with 2 statements to pick from, then essentially rip on, laugh at, or ask further questions of the one answering.

It’s a brilliant game because it only requires the ability to speak and hear – the rest is an endless array of imagination, strange thought processes, deeply soulful questions, and an endless array of food questions that are both tasty sounding and oddly gross.

Usually our choices have to do with some type of uncomfortable living condition (“Would you rather sleep on a slanted roof for a week or sleep one night on the ground in Texas with no sleeping bag or cover?”) or food (“Would you rather eat mayo for a whole day or not eat meat for a year?” – we are not a mayo family in any way!)

We were playing it on the way to school the other day – it was either that or “Who Makes The Best Animal Sounds?” (our other favorite game) – and my amazing 5-year old boy asks, “Would you rather hang out with Jesus every day, but live in a tool shed or live in a castle (that’s the ultimate housing for my kids because of Ireland), but only get to see Jesus one day a year?”  All 3 immediately jumped on the tool shed with Jesus choice, then began to tell what they would do.  Interesting to note – since He was a carpenter, they all said they’d have Jesus teach them how to build cool stuff (tree houses, life-sized Barbie castles, playground sets, their own 2-story rooms with an elevator and a deck).  More than anything, it was the best just to listen to my kids talk about Jesus being so real and normal – so relatable and fun.  After their dreaming, laughing, and coming up with crazy fun they’d have, they asked me what I’d pick – I agreed with them.  “Good choice, daddy – that’s the only real choice for a saved person.”  Then my oldest said, “I would still have fun with Jesus if I chose the other one, but it wouldn’t be like I knew Him because you can’t know someone for real if you only talk once a year.”

As I’ve been reading through the Book of Proverbs and Psalm 119 this month, it once again reminded me of the absolute necessity of being in the Word of God to know God.  The Word is alive and it’s about my King and Redeemer – I have to be in it to know Him more and know how to live this life to the fullest.  Life is hard and choices can sometimes be easy and often very cloudy, which is why knowing the One who is Wisdom is key.  The Bible tells me how to live and it shows me Jesus on every page.

Going to church once a week or 2-3 times each month is good, and like Zion said, “I’d still have fun…”, but it’s not enough to know Him as King.  Listening to another person read the Bible for me on an App or a Sunday is okay, but there’s s much more than okay – I need to be in the Word myself and see what it says.  I need to pull it apart and study it to know what’s being said to me / to us.

And just like my kids – I could care less what I have to give up to be with Jesus.  They picked giving up a castle to live with tools, but every day, we have to choose to give up things like Netflix, Wii, social media, Fox News, 4-wheeling, shopping, you name it – or – give up time with the One who rescued and redeemed us.  I literally have choices each week to give up catching up on one of my Netflix shows or being with the Creator God who chose me.  As Zion would say: “Good choice…that’s the only real choice for a saved person.”


By the way – my kids haven’t lived in Texas long enough to know what fire ants will do to you over the course of a full night or how scorpions love tucking themselves underneath you, so they chose to suffer & endure the one night deal, while I quickly went for the roof.  And – no way I’d ever eat mayo, so I chose the year without meat (and that’s saying a lot!, because meat is awesome!)

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