The Songs We Sing: How Am I Supposed to Respond to That?


I’m usually not a big fan of singing songs that center around me and my response to God. All the “I give you my heart” and “I’m living for you, God” songs tend to make me cringe, because they bring the focus away from our True and Living Heavenly Father and onto man, who is fickle, often mistaken, and—let’s just be honest—not the best decision maker.
Maybe it’s because I struggle so much in my own walk with Jesus, but when I sing a song that revolves around me and what I’m doing for God, all I tend to think about is how much I will fail at “living for God” later that day. At my very best, I am still a developing piece of art in the Master’s hands who needs A LOT of work.
What lifts me up is singing about our Unchanging, Never Failing God, who joyfully reaches down from heaven to meet us in the dirt and save us. We worship the Great God of Heaven, not our own decisions to follow Him.

So, why are we singing one of those “my response to God” songs this week? 

The song is called “I Will Follow” by Vertical Church Band, and we are singing it because worship, at its very heart, is a bowing down and a giving up. It is done in response to an encounter with something that is worthy of our lives and attention. The word “worship” in the Scriptures, literally just means “to bow down low.” The very first use of the word in the Bible is when Abraham encounters God in Genesis 18 and bows low to the earth in His presence. There is a physical posture associated with worship that acknowledges God as being high and elevated above ourselves.
When we encounter Jesus—if we see Him for who He truly is—then, His very identity as Savior and Lord, His character, and His sacrifice on our behalf, demand a response from us. Our response to follow Jesus is an act of worship. We are saying that His way is better than ours. We bow our will to His will. We sing this song to remind ourselves of that, and to encourage ourselves that in every circumstance of life, even through suffering, it is an encounter with God that will empower us to continue to follow Him.

First, we sing,
          I believe everything that YOU say YOU are
          I believe that I have seen YOUR unchanging heart
          In the good things and in the hardest part.
Then, we may sing,
          I believe, and I will follow You.


Mark Leavitt

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