Leslie’s Mixes


Around the Mission Church office, we have a lot of different musical styles. We have an open office space, so we take turns playing our tunes–which can get really interesting. Everyone on staff has their own unique taste, so we thought it would be fun to share some playlists of our favorite music. This time we’re listening to Leslie’s favorites.

1. Rain & Tea Playlist

Rain and thunderstorms is my favorite weather and a perfect excuse to make tea and put on some seriously depressing tunes. I have a natural affinity for any music that makes you want to lock yourself in your room and cry and these are some of my favorites–including The National, Regina Spektor, Iron & Wine, and of course, Sufjan Stevens.

2. Reading & Writing Playlist

I like listening to music when I’m reading, writing, editing video, and getting work done, but it’s hard to focus when I want to listen to lyrics. So this is a playlist of great, chill, background music. I listen to both classical and modern instrumental music, so you’ll see some Bon Iver, Seryn, and This Will Destroy You mixed with Handel and Vivaldi.

3. Get Pumped Playlist

I like to mountain bike, play soccer, and (occasionally) run, so this is a selection of some songs from my favorite workout albums. But they’re just as good for when you hit that afternoon slump at work and need a non-caffeinated pick-me-up. Anything with screaming, loud electronics, and heavy beats makes this playlist. This mix starts out with some mewithoutYou and Manchester Orchestra (I love Andy Hull), but gets more electronic with M83, the French artist, Yelle, and some Age of Adz era Sufjan.


**Disclaimer: These playlists and the songs and artists they feature do not necessarily represent Mission Church views, attitudes, and beliefs. All songs within the playlist are safe for kids and work, but other songs by these artists may contain inappropriate lyrics. We have created and shared these playlists because at Mission Church, we are interested in engaging culture and the world through popular art.


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