Joseph’s Jams


Around the Mission Church office, we have a lot of different musical styles. We have an open office space, so we take turns playing our tunes–which can get really interesting. Everyone on staff has their own unique taste, so we thought it would be fun to share some playlists of our favorite music. This round we have a playlist from Joseph.

Joseph’s Jams

Here’s my playlist. I usually will use it during a time of study or when exercising. I like to begin with a fast-pace, electronic tune with some dub-step feel that flows into an airy, mellow ending. From there it goes into “Rejoice,” which is an upbeat worship tune that I can’t help but sing to (even when I’m studying). This flows well into a lovely, soft sounding cello ensemble composed by JS Bach to change up the pace a bit. And what’s a playlist without a little Otis Redding and Stevie Wonder which are the next two tracks in the order of study business. Usually, after these tunes my mind is wandering away from the books so I’ve gotta jolt it back into gear with another dub step beat by Dutch DJ Alexey Kapitownoww who rolls out some fast-paced, haunted beats with a Galaga/Mario Bros. feel. Now that I’m focused again it’s time for one more oldie from Curtis Mayfield just to balance out any deep bass tones that might be bouncing around in my eardrums; and from there we move into a well-known little folk-rock Mumford & Sons tune called “Awake My Soul.” To end it with some hugeness there’s only one way to go: gospel-grace rock and some Jesus exalting pop-rock praise songs by my two favorites, Citizens & Saints and Kings Kaleidoscope.

I know it’s a little eclectic but you know I gotta keep the brain and the ear drums guessing in order to stay as focused as possible during those long stints of reading a bunch of stuff that I don’t really wanna read. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the tracks.

**Disclaimer: These playlists and the songs and artists they feature do not necessarily represent Mission Church views, attitudes, and beliefs. All songs within the playlist are safe for kids and work, but other songs by these artists may contain inappropriate lyrics. We have created and shared these playlists because at Mission Church, we are interested in engaging culture and the world through popular art.

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