Jesus & Donuts

Delicious donuts with glaze on wooden background

I was talking to my son, Zion (10 years old), the other day about things we think are both cool and good and he said, “I like Jesus and donuts.  That seems like a combo Solomon would come up with because it goes so good together.”  Then he added in, “And good coffee with gluten free donuts for you, since you like that stuff and Jesus cares.”

As we talked, we just kept making combined things that go well together.  Zion continued to add Jesus not every combo: Jesus & Taco Cabana, Jesus & football games on Saturdays at the Alamodome, Jesus & Smashburger, Jesus & Christmas (I know – but he’s thinking about Christmas as a large family gathering out in Caldwell, so I’ll give him a pass), Jesus & Cooper (our new puppy) – because “Jesus can just let him actually talk to us for a while, which would be cool”, Jesus & school – “it would never get old or boring!”, Jesus & Guy Fieri (“Diners, Drive-ins & Dives”), Jesus & a good steak!  Zion is a future foodie, in case you didn’t see that happening.

As we talked and laughed (and thought about going to Tejas Rodeo Steakhouse – Jesus would love that place), it made me realize that if I want to, I can make every conversation and aspect of my life about Jesus.  And I’m not talking about some religious recluse who sits on a mountain peak saying His name over and over, never being a part of society.  I’m talking about just including Jesus everywhere and in everything – turning thoughts to Him in some way – making a conversation with everyone be one that has Jesus on my mind in a way that I am the love of Christ to them in that moment.

About 11 years ago, as God did a massive healing in my life and restored me, I was handed a book that challenged me to make an effort to make every thought about Jesus in some way, shape, or form.  At first, it seemed to be over the top.  But as I asked the Holy Spirit to help me be mindful of Him, I quickly realized that is what He wanted for me.  Standing in line at grocery stores, drinking coffee, walking at the park, hunting trips – they were all filled with constant moments for me to practice the presence of Jesus.  I not only looked for opportunities to tell about Jesus, but I became mindful of praying for people around me, asking Jesus how I can make differences around me, just thanking Him for opportunities that were and for those to come.  It became the norm for me – and I got so excited about my mind being transformed by just thinking more about Jesus.

So when my son starts making everything about Jesus, it makes me really happy and I see that it’s not a far-fetched, uber-religious, or something that takes years to see happen.  We can all turn our minds to Jesus and just include Him in everything.

And I would say this about a really easy way to make it normal and routine:

  • Start thanking Him about every single thing He has done and is doing in your life
  • As a part of thanking Him, praise Him – read the Psalms to see how King David did this as a part of his life
  • Ask Jesus to give you words of encouragement, prayers to pray, or conversations to have with every person you bump into
  • Love and care for people in a way that you know Jesus would do it – because then you are thinking about Jesus and serving people

I do really like the idea of Jesus & Donuts – my son is brilliant and dialed in.  That would be really great name for a cafe bakery.  I think Zion is on to something there.

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