How Do You Compare?


“And they said to him, ‘The disciples of John fast often and offer prayers, and so do the disciples of the Pharisees, but yours eat and drink.’” Luke 5:33

If we look at history I think we can see common struggles that we have today. In particular, the comparison game. You see, the religious leaders were trying to catch Jesus off guard and the  way they tried to do it was by comparing John the Baptist, and his disciples, to Jesus and His disciples.

How often do you compare yourself, as you walk with Jesus, to someone else and their walk with Jesus? Have you ever caught yourself playing the comparison game of spirituality? Are you comparing a person’s spirituality against yours or are you really looking at their religiosity-how they walk with Jesus?

We have to be mindful of how we look at the religiosity of person, or lack thereof, and make a call on their spirituality. Sure the disciples weren’t doing the religious practices that some others were doing but guess what, ‘‘Why would they need to fast if they are with me, the bridegroom?’ (v34). Just because someone’s religious practices don’t look like yours or the ‘standard’ doesn’t always mean that they aren’t walking with Jesus. Don’t be foolish but instead, ask good questions of people to understand where they are.

Father, help me not to be so judgmental of others who follow you. Show me how I can ask good questions of people I don’t quite understand.

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