How We Grow People

Involvement, Membership, & Leadership at Mission Church

A.  Basic Involvement–a big tent without walls

At the level of simple involvement, formative discipline–teaching, training, care, prayer, fellowship–is all one will experience. But at Mission, anyone can get involved right upfront, take ownership, experience life-change, and start making a difference.

    1. Attendee
    2. Volunteer

B.  Covenant Membership–a defined doorway with walls

Entering into membership is the vision we cast for everyone who desires to repent, believe, and follow Jesus, everyone who enters into Life with Him.

    1. Covenant Partner

C.  Church Leadership–a series of narrowing doors and smaller rooms

Some in the church are called to serve at a greater capacity due to giftedness, character, and desire. These church leadership roles God puts in place to equip, serve, and care for the partnership and volunteers.

    1. Ministry Support Team
    2. Deacon Team
    3. Pastor Team

How Mission Church Encourages Holiness

The Pastor Team are the final say in the church on what the Bible says we should do, and how it’s practically applied in our context.

We have environments for growth, they are:

    1. Social Events
    2. Sunday Worship
    3. Volunteer Teams
    4. Community Groups
    5. Leadership Teams

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