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Success – It’s More Than Just Working Hard

“People do well when they do what they do well and when they stay away from what they do poorly.” I’m not a story-teller nor am I gifted blog writer (but thanks for reading anyways!) but I can sure give you some golden nuggets of information. So for this post, here are some of the key points from chapter 9 of Dr….

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Trustworthy Character – At the Next Level

Trustworthy Character can be defined in so many ways, depending on the person defining and the depth a person goes to look into that character. There are those people who are trustworthy to do what is asked of them, or do their jobs, or not do something wrong to you – they’re not going to damage anything. And there are those people…

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A Picture of Character at Work

“What I wouldn’t give for just one of my nephews here with us!” I heard a large Fijian man scream that at the top of his lungs as we tried (for what felt like the millionth time) to get the motor started on our little boat in the middle of nowhere next to a tiny uninhabited island.  Our friends had left earlier in…

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The Fullness of Character

In continuing with thoughts from the book, Integrity: The Courage to Meet the Demands of Reality, I was specifically drawn to Dr. Cloud’s description of what he refers to as “one’s makeup as a person.” As he unpacks his thoughts, Dr. Cloud focuses on how the fullness of our character (“who a person is”) will ultimately bring us success (on God’s terms) and…