Young parents walking in Winter

A Christmas List for Dad

Hey men,   Sometimes we just need to be reminded of our roles as fathers and leaders in this world. The suggestions below aren’t meant to take you on a guilt trip or make you feel inadequate but rather I hope they will spur you on to being intentional this Christmas season. Be intentional with your family, roommates, co-workers, and friends. A…

Young woman opening the curtains at sunrise

Trustworthy Character – At the Next Level

Trustworthy Character can be defined in so many ways, depending on the person defining and the depth a person goes to look into that character. There are those people who are trustworthy to do what is asked of them, or do their jobs, or not do something wrong to you – they’re not going to damage anything. And there are those people…


Husbands Serve?

I relearned an important lesson last night, “Serve the Helper.” Warning: to all my feminist and chauvinist friends, this blog entry is about biblical marital roles, and it promises to make you feel queazy–Lord wiling. I found myself last night in an extended argument with my wife after my interaction with SNL’s church lady at Chick-fil-a. From out of the argument, God…

Marriage: The Fall Affects Us All

Sin… ew, yuk.  Yes, it’s what’s wrong with your marriage. On Sunday we talked about where sin began… The Fall.  The story of “The Fall” is the account in Genesis 3 of Adam and Eve’s poor choice to make themselves autonomous, not fulfill God’s order and roles in the marriage, listen to counsel contrary to God’s instruction, and pursue their own greatness….