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Around the Mission Church office, we have a lot of different musical styles. We have an open office space, so we take turns playing our tunes–which can get really interesting. Everyone on staff has their own unique taste, so we thought it would be fun to share some playlists of our favorite music. We’re closing out this series with Pastor Alex’s picks.

1. Getting Things Done Soundtrack Playlist

If you need to get stuff done and have a room to yourself or have some awesome headphones this is the playlist you need to listen to. No words, all music. It’ll invoke all sorts of emotions for you hopefully to help you accomplish what you need to get done.

2. Reflect & Get Emotional Playlist

When it’s raining outside or it’s cold and you have a need to get emotional then this is what you want to listen to. You may get feelings of joy, feelings of sadness, feelings of love, feelings of inspiration or you just might need to vent some frustration.

3. Belt It Loud In Your Car Playlist

They say that singing is a great way to release endorphins into your system. So when you’re in your car for an extend period of time and you want to get “high” then belt these tunes out over the speaker and sing along. They’ll for sure get you in a better mood if you’re feeling down.

4. Be Still & Know That God Is Good Playlist

Sometimes you don’t need to sing or think but just simply listen to words sung to you. These songs all speak to the goodness of who God is and how we can see Him. Too often worship songs focus on us, on our needs or our perspectives while those aren’t always bad, we sometimes need to be reminded of just how great God is. These are some of my go to songs for when I need to simply put my focus on WHO God is.



**Disclaimer: These playlists and the songs and artists they feature do not necessarily represent Mission Church views, attitudes, and beliefs. All songs within the playlist are safe for kids and work, but other songs by these artists may contain inappropriate lyrics. We have created and shared these playlists because at Mission Church, we are interested in engaging culture and the world through popular art.

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